Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have a lot of work ahead of me...

So last night I went to order my custom shoes for my school project and realized that it would take about four weeks for the shoes to get to me... and I have only two more weeks of classes left.  That wouldn't work... so I have to make the shoes myself.  I purchased the plain "white" shoes today to do it with... the shoes are a blue-ish off-white color.  I need to decide whether I'm going to paint the shoes entirely blue and then put my logo on them in white, or just paint the logo on in blue... I think all-blue shoes would look cooler.  So this is going to take a whole lot more time than I was expecting... and I just finished cutting out my illustration boards for my next three illustration projects, and they're huge.  Like, the two pages for my project 4 sequential art piece are larger than my torso... yikes.  I need to really simplify things for that project so the painting won't have to take as long!  It's a little intimidating... and I need to do all of this in roughly two and a half weeks!  Plus finish prepping my BFA portfolio, do my figure drawing final project, and catch up and do my figure drawing daily sketches.  I'm going to die!  This is going to be really tough.  No sleep for me! Blah.

Yeah.  I'm growing fungus in a petri dish for my botany lab class.  It's cool, and disgusting... especially since the spot I touched with my finger has grown a pink slimy fungus blob... so gross!  XD

Anyways, I should get back to work!

-Odd out

Monday, March 28, 2011

This Weekend Wasn't Too Bad.

Not as productive as I would have liked, but good.  I made more progress than I would have on a typical weekend.  Like I said before, I'm done with all my plant reading for the semester (yes!).  I got some fun stuff.  The weather hasn't been terrible, but very cloudy and wet.  We finally got more boneless skinless chicken breasts so that we could have a yummy dinner on Sunday.  (My husband likes white meat and won't really eat the dark meat, so we have to get breasts for him.  That's okay, it means more dark meat for me! :D )  Yesterday evening we went to a family friend's little family birthday party, he and his wife are expecting their first child so quite a few of the presents were baby-oriented.  He and some friends are working on a video game and he offered to maybe let my husband and I help out with designing concept art and stuff over the summer or something.  I think it's a good opportunity.  They're not making any money on it yet, so we probably won't really get paid, but it would be a fun experience and a good portfolio builder!  So that's exciting.

I also went through my computer and cleaned it up.  I was down to about 60 GB of open space on my 250 GB hard drive, when a computer gets down to about 30 GB it starts wigging out, so I deleted a bunch of stuff and transferred my iPhoto library (over 50 GB of pictures!) onto my hard drive.  I think it would be good to back it up on a second hard drive, now that it's off my laptop it makes me nervous, but oh well.  I was jealous that my husband has about 170 GB free space on his brand new laptop, he doesn't have a lot of junk stored on it like I do mine.  So yeah, I transferred and deleted stuff, then downloaded all the digital movie copies that came with our Blu-ray DVDs we got for Christmas, and I now have about 115 GB of free space!  I need to purge some more, but I think that's pretty good for now!  I have a few more movies I want to get on my computer that I got for Christmas, but they didn't have digital copies, so I'll have to convert them.  They should only take up a few more gigabytes though, so it'll be no big deal.

Well, I have a TON of stuff still to do, all in the next two weeks!  I should get on that.  Today I am going to do ALL of my sketching so that Wednesday I can hopefully start painting!

-Odd out

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am excited!!!

Today my husband and I went to the apple store on campus to get an iPad 2 for him to replace his dying computer with.  Instead we walked out with a 13" Macbook Pro that was on clearance, a free printer, and a Wacom Bamboo Craft for me to play with (complete with pen and touch capabilities)!  I can't wait to play with it!!!  I am so excited!!! But I must do homework first... bleh....

I now have all my plant reading done for the entire semester and don't need to worry about that.  That's a good thing to have off my to-do list.  I learned a lot about fungi, it was very interesting.

Also!  This week my copy of Color and Light by James Gurney arrived, complete with his signature and an original rainbow sketch!  I am busily reading away, hopefully I will finish before the end of the semester so it can be some help for my last few projects in Illustration 1.  This week has been a good week.  Not as productive as I would have liked, but good things have happened.  Now I need to go be productive again somehow, I just wanted to share my excitement with you!

-Odd out

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This past weekend was a disaster.

A disaster of homework lack of completion and frustratingly huge proportions.  It's time to crack down.  I am getting this done!  My goal is to get everything done within the next two weeks, which I know won't happen, but if I cram to get it done in that time I should be able to finish everything before it's due, or so I would hope.  I finally got my plant writing assignment done, but tomorrow I need to study hard in order to take the test on Thursday.  I have work Thursday and Friday night as well as work in the afternoon on Saturday.  Blah.  Blah blah blah.

So I spent a large part of today feeing angry and frustrated and decided to doodle in my sketchbook instead of do homework.  I need to doodle in it anyway, for the BFA review, there's 31 pages in it left to fill.  If I sketch 1-2 sketches in it every day from now until then I should probably be able to fill it.  The problem is getting ideas.  My muse doesn't like to work on demand.  Oh well.

Yeah, not much to say, just thought I should post here to start getting in the habit.  You should watch this video:
-Odd out

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've come back to the classic

Hello!  I've been in a little dilemma for the past little while of social networking.  I hate facebook and quit, so I've been trying Tumblr.  Tumblr is missing some key features I want to have in my social networking life, like the ability to reply to comments.  Tumblr is mostly all one-way communication.  But I don't think I'll quit it just yet since it's an okay place to advertise, but I really miss having a blog... I've kinda missed that since quitting Xanga and joining Facebook years ago.  So here I am again, back on blogger!  I guess there's also livejournal, but that has the drama stigma to it.  I used to have one, but never posted on it.  I think it's still floating around out there somewhere, my Xanga still is apparently, so why shouldn't my LJ?

So here I am.  I think I'll use this blog to write more of life stuff.  My art blog is the more "professional" one where I will post art WIP, finished art, sketches, and tutorials if I ever make them.  Here I will talk about life, just ramble, and possibly talk about other random project I'll be working on that aren't necessarily art related like my novels I write, poetry, crafts, and other random junk like that.  It's not junk though.  Yup!  This should work out much better!  Now I just need to get myself an audience...  C'mon peeps!  Get a blogger and follow me!

-Odd out